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Why is Choose Investment Casting to Produce Wear Parts?

Update On Sep 29.2022

Why Choose Investment Casting to Produce Wear Parts?

What Are Wear Parts?

Wear Parts means parts that are bound to or designed to wear out or fail with repetitive use and will require periodic repair or replacement typically within a time period of less than one year. Examples of surfacing wear parts are (but are not limited to) collet chucks, tool receptions, grippers, clips, nozzles, lens rings, crucibles, and liners.


Why Choose Investment Casting to Produce Wear Parts?

Higher utilization

Use the investment casting process to cast wear parts, which can reduce unnecessary waste. Investment casting can make full use of materials. Generally, the metal utilization rate of investment casting is 3 times that of forgings. Reduce waste and reduce costs.

Wide range of applications

Investment casting can cast non-ferrous and ferrous alloys. Wear parts in whatever shape you need. The investment casting process can be produced for you.

Fast mass production

Another benefit of using investment casting to produce wear parts is that they can be produced in large quantities. This can reduce the production cycle.


What Wear Parts Can Be Produced by Investment Casting?

Agricultural Wearing Parts

In agricultural machinery and equipment, a lot of wear-resistant products are needed. For example: bearing housing, bearing spool assembly, bottom cap for spool, disc spacer, half spool long, landslides, planter shoes, rotary harrow wheel, spool casting, ripper tips, radium ripper tips

Besser is the preferred supplier of agricultural machinery parts. We can cast various specifications of agricultural wearing parts for you. You can find what you need in our cast wear parts.

Mine Wearing Parts

Besser manufactures a wide variety of replacement parts for general mining, mining shovels and draglines, including but not limited to track shoes, dragline chains and links, tipper sleeves, tipper blocks, lifting assemblies, rigging assemblies, pin retention systems, concentric and eccentric bushings, heavy duty mining bucket teeth and adapter systems and other wear protection, impellers, breakers, cylinder kits and more.

Railway Wearing Parts

In railways, all relevant components require good wear resistance. Trains often rub against the rails during long journeys. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure their wear resistance. The besser foundry has good manufacturing experience in the manufacture of railway wearing parts. Please contact us if you need it!

Construction Wear Parts

Construction wear parts are the components used for all kinds of construction equipment, such as excavators, loaders, etc. So some of our customers will contact us for bucket teeth, cutting edges, undercarriage, and some other wear items for their Construction equipment.

Selecting besser foundry as your partner to fulfill your bucket teeth and all the wear Items requirements will prove to be a significant cost-saving relationship. Our advanced casting technology and quality assurance program are responsible for our high customer satisfaction rating. You can save time and money as a result of our commitment to keeping raising the bar. If you are interested in increasing quality at very competitive prices, let us know so I can learn more about your company's unique requirements. Our products, services, and support can help your company acquire new business through cost reduction.

Typical construction & Forestry wear parts are bucket teeth & adapters, cutting edges, ripper point, bucket hook, mulcher teeth, and dredging cutter teeth.


Contact Besser Wear Parts Casting Experts Now

When components are subjected to constant wear, it can quickly lead to significant maintenance costs and downtime.

By using the right materials for wear-prone parts, you can achieve a more reliable, more wear-resistant system, resulting in longer maintenance intervals and improved operational efficiency.

Our materials provide unmatched quality and consistency. We work closely with our customers to design a custom wear solution that meets your needs.

Besser specializes in the manufacture and supply of wear parts. After years of trade in the industry, Besser has become known as one of the top manufacturers of ferrous and non-ferrous metal castings across multiple industries.

If you need us to provide you with casting services, then please contact us!

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