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Nickel Base Alloy Investment Casting
At Besser, we carry a wide variety of commonly used nickel-based metal casting alloys for our customer's metal casting project needs. The investment casting process can be carried out using a wide variety of alloys including “Nickel Based” materials. Besser has a long history of producing nickel-based castings, We work with over 75 ferrous and non-ferrous air-melt alloys and perform all investment casting in-house to deliver fast and reliable service.
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Besser is one of the largest nickel castings manufacturer in China. With our decades of professional nickel castings process, We provide you with customized nickel castings services to meet your precise design specifications and any required grade.

What is Nickel Alloy Casting

Nickel castings (also called Nickel Alloy castings or Nickel base alloy castings): refers to nickel-based, and other metals, such as tungsten, cobalt, titanium, iron and other metals, to make nickel-based Alloy. This nickel-iron alloy casting is the most widely used and strongest material in superalloys. It has good corrosion resistance and plasticity.


Advantages of Nickel Alloy Casting

Using nickel-based alloys for investment castings has a number of benefits as follows:

● Durability: Nickel-based materials are extremely durable and have the capability to deliver the utmost performance.

● Robust Chemical Composition: The specialized composition of these alloys enables them to endure harsh and extremely hot operating conditions.

● Resistance to Corrosion: Nickel-based castings have excellent resistance to corrosion which makes them highly preferable in corrosive applications.


Production of Nickel Castings Using the Investment Casting Process

Nickel Investment Casting
Nickel Investment Casting
Nickel alloy casting
Nickel Investment Casting

To better comprehend nickel alloy investment casting, let's outline the key steps involved in the process:

  • Step 1: Pattern Creation
    The casting process begins with the fabrication of a precise wax pattern that replicates the final component's shape. Skilled artisans or advanced automated systems can create these patterns.
  • Step 2: Mold Preparation
    The wax patterns are then attached to a gating system, which allows the flow of molten metal into the mold. The assembly is dipped into a ceramic slurry and coated with a fine refractory material.
  • Step 3: Wax Pattern Assembly
    Multiple wax patterns are assembled onto a central wax sprue to create a cluster. This cluster is then invested in additional layers of ceramic slurry and refractory material, building a robust ceramic shell.
  • Step 4: Shell Building
    The ceramic shell is further strengthened by repeated dipping and stuccoing processes, ensuring a durable mold capable of withstanding the molten metal's temperature and pressure.
  • Step 5: Dewaxing
    The ceramic shell, now containing the wax patterns, is heated to melt and remove the wax, leaving behind a hollow cavity in the shape of the desired component.
  • Step 6: Casting
    The ceramic shell is preheated to eliminate any remaining moisture and then filled with molten nickel alloy. The alloy solidifies within the cavity, taking the shape of the wax pattern.
  • Step 7: Finishing and Inspection
    After cooling, the ceramic shell is broken away, and the cast component is retrieved. Finishing operations, such as removal of gating systems, heat treatment, and surface treatment, are performed to achieve the desired specifications. Finally, the component undergoes rigorous inspection to ensure quality and dimensional accuracy.


Common High Nickel Alloys

As an excellent nickel casting service provider, we can provide a variety of commonly used nickel-based metal casting alloys. Of course, we also provide customized services to meet customers' needs for metal casting projects.

Alloy Heat Treatment UTS (kpsi) YS (kpsi) % Elongation Hardness
Inconel 625 As Cast 85-95 45-55 25-30 Rc 25 Max
Inconel 713 As Cast 110-120 100-110 3-5 Rc 34-42
Inconel 718 As Cast 110-125 70-80 6-10 Rc 25 Max
Inconel 718 Hardened 125-135 110-120 5-7 Rc 34-44
Rene 41 Annealed 100-110 90-100 3-5 Rc 35 Max
Mar-M-247 Hardened 135-145 115-125 4-6 Rc 34-44
Haynes 230 Annealed 115-125 50-60 35-45 Rc 25 Max
Nickel X As Cast 55-65 35-45 6-10 Rc 24 Max


Application of Nickel Alloy Castings

It is a key hot-end component material for modern aviation engines, spacecraft, and rocket engines, as well as ships and industrial gas turbines (such as turbine blades, director blades, turbine disks, combustion chambers, and casings, etc.). It is also a nuclear reactor, chemical equipment, coal conversion Important high-temperature structural constituent materials required by the technology and other aspects.

Nickel alloy casting
Nickel alloy casting
Nickel alloy casting
Nickel alloy casting


Custom Nickel Casting Services

besser investment casting factory

Besser precision casting company has 18 years of casting experience. We can provide the highest quality nickel alloy castings. Our various certifications support our strict quality standards as well as testing and inspection functions. Our strong technical team can help you with any questions about nickel alloy castings.

We provide value added services to ensure your castings meet all required specifications of both the purchase order and blue prints. Services we offer include machining, heat treating, plating, assembly and hot isostatic processing.

Why choose us

  • With our nickel investment casting, you can achieve intricate designs, exceptional precision and unrivaled sophistication to take your product to new heights.
  • Our nickel investment casting helps you save time and money by streamlining production workflows, reducing material waste and increasing efficiency.
  • With over 20 years of experience in nickel casting, embrace the future of metal fabrication with nickel investment casting, a cutting-edge technology that gives you a competitive edge and differentiates your products.

Contact us to learn more about custom nickel alloy castings.


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