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A Wide Range Of Industries Have Benefited From Our Vast Global Connections
Automotive Parts
Besser is a brand leader of auto parts and precision casting parts in China. We have more than ten years of manufacturing experience in the automotive field. At present, we are an important Chinese supplier to two of the world's top 500 companies and the designated supplier of many industrial giants. Our foundry is fully capable of meeting your needs for automotive parts. No matter what type of auto parts you need, we will be here to help you.
Exhaust Systems
Impeller and Compressor Wheels
Gearbox Components
Turbocharger wheels
Intermediate levers
Steel pistons
Drive Shaft Components
Other parts
Construction Hardware Casting
As China's leading precision casting company, we have been providing high-quality construction hardware castings overseas. We have obtained quality system certification including ISO 9001. And self-test equipment including spectrometer, tri-linear coordinate measuring instrument, tensile tester, hardness tester, surface roughness tester and magnetic defect detector. This ensures that we develop and produce compact castings with considerable functions. Our Customized Castings for This Industry Include:
Locks & internal lock mechanisms
Complete hinge assemblies
Lock bodies
Door closure units
Other customized products
Bathroom Hardware Casting
Besser Casting provides key components for bathroom hardware , they encompass your shower, tub, and other vital components. These bathroom necessities with bathroom faucets and products that once installed, lend performance and reliability to the utilities you use each day. Because a large percentage of water usage occurs in the bathroom, it’s important to outfit your home with faucets, parts, and accessories that are eco-friendly and capable of dispensing the right water temperature and pressure.
Agricultural Equipment Casting
Agricultural tool castings have great requirements on the wear resistance of castings. Therefore, we recommend that you can use stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel casting products.
Rototiller tines
Vehicle hardware
Valve parts
Implement parts and hardware
Waste Removal Equipment
Measuring and Control Devices
Other customized products
Hydraulic Equipment Casting
The pumps and valves produced by Baisai Precision Casting Company are of high quality and strong durability. Our professional investment casting technology can produce various hydraulic equipment parts. Our Customized Parts Include:
Ball valve assembly
Steam trap assembly
Needle valve assembly
Compressor components
Pump assembly
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