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Top 10 investment casting Manufacturers: Discover the Best Brands of 2024

Update On Aug 12.2021

Investment Casting Manufacturers

Are you looking for a precision casting manufacturer or an investment casting manufacturer? This article will provide you with the manufacturer information you want. We discovered the best precision investment casting company by searching through website status collected through Google searches.

In this guide we list the top 10 investment casting manufacturers for 2024. If you need investment casting manufactured products or custom metal parts, here are 10 manufacturers you can choose to contact.


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What is Precision Investment Casting?

Precision investment casting refers to an industrial process based on lost wax casting and is one of the oldest known metal forming techniques. Compared with the traditional sand casting process, the castings obtained by precision casting are more accurate in size and have better surface finish.

Its products are precise, complex and close to the final shape of the part. It can be used directly without processing or treatment. It is an advanced process of near-net shape.

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Analysis of Investment Casting Market

The global investment casting market size was valued at USD 16.55 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.0% from 2023 to 2030. An increase in air passenger traffic is projected to assist in the production of new commercial aircraft creating a positive impact on the demand for investment cast products. 

Investment cast products are majorly used in the aerospace industry to offer a wide range of critical applications. Highly engineered castings such as cable clamps, ball bearings, fuel valves, fuel manifolds, landing gear, brake systems, pitot probes, and other sensors are manufactured using the investment casting process.

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Top 10 Investment Casting Manufacturers and Suppliers

Company Name Services Headquarters
American Casting Company Investment Casting Services California, USA
MetalTek International Investment Casting Services Wisconsin, USA
Zollern GmbH and Co. KG Investment Casting Services Germany
Ningbo Besser Casting Co., Ltd. Investment Casting Services Ningbo, China
Barron Industries Investment Casting Services Oxford, MI, USA
Bescast, Inc. Investment Casting Services USA
Aero Metals Inc. Investment Casting Services USA
Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. Investment Casting Services Wisconsin, USA
Investacast Limited Investment Casting Services UK
Impro Precision Industries Limited Inc. Investment Casting Services China


American Casting Company

Company Profile

American Casting Company is a precision investment casting manufacturer from the United States. They provide high-quality investment castings with the shortest lead times in the industry, and their unique lean manufacturing system is ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified, allowing them to serve medical, aerospace and other critical industry applications.

As experts at precision casting Lingyun, their experienced casting engineers can help you make the right decision that's best for your application.

Main Products & Services: 

  • Stainless Steel Investment Castings
  • Carbon Steel Investment Castings
  • Cobalt Based Investment Castings
  • Nickel Based Investment Castings
  • Super Alloys Investment Castings


MetalTek investment casting manufacturer

Company Profile

MetalTek is a globally recognized manufacturer of metal castings and investment castings. They are originally from Wisconsin, USA, where they have a comprehensive investment casting foundry that serves customer component production needs including rapid prototyping, fabrication/casting design, tool design and development, solidification modeling, wax pattern production , case forming, casting and non-destructive/quality assurance testing.

As a world-class investment casting company, they are known for producing complex metal parts in a variety of alloys as well as some of the largest investment castings in the world. Whether shapes are complex or simple, from small to large, they serve a range of high-demand markets including defense, energy and turbine engines.

Main Products & Services: 

  • Nonferrous metal castings
  • Special alloy castings
  • Stainless steel castings


Zollern GmbH

Company Profile

The ZOLLERN Group is one of Germany's oldest family-owned companies. They are not only Germany's top precision casting company, but also a world-renowned investment casting supplier. The international group consists of four business areas linked together by the strong ZOLLERN brand. With more than 2,000 employees and multiple factories and subsidiaries in Europe, North America and Asia, ZOLLERN develops, produces and provides customized services for a wide range of high-quality metal products.

ZOLLERN Investment Casting produces high-quality investment casting products for industries such as the automotive industry, aerospace, energy, mechanical engineering and medical technology. According to the official website, their services range from “master melt to ready-to-install investment castings,” including machining, surface finishing and assembly.

Main Products & Services: 

  • Vacuum Investment Casting
  • Sand Casting
  • Shell Casting
  • Continuous Casting
  • Centrifugal Casting



Company Profile

Besser is a precision investment casting factory from China. Our company was established in 2002, covers an area of 12,000 square meters, and has about 120 professional and technical personnel. Our investment factory has obtained TS16949 and ISO90001 certification. We not only have a foundry, but also a secondary processing factory. The tolerances of metal castings can be strictly controlled.

Today, Bessel has become a leading casting brand in China's investment casting industry. As a professional investment casting manufacturer and supplier, we can cast various metal castings. Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel, nickel alloy, etc. The industries we serve include construction hardware, aerospace, auto parts, valve casting, farm tools and other industries.

Main Products & Services: 

  • Stainless Steel Investment Casting
  • Carbon Steel Investment Casting
  • Tool Steel Investment Casting
  • Alloy Steel Investment Casting
  • Nickel Casting

Headquarters: 32 North Yihuan Road, Zhangqi Cixi, Ningbo China 315313



Company Profile

Barron Industries is an investment casting company from the United States. Their turnkey manufacturing capabilities include design for manufacturing, rapid prototyping, CNC machining, non-destructive testing, plating, painting, assembly, laser etching and custom packaging. More than 200 ferrous metals and non-ferrous alloys are poured including Level II armor, stainless steel, tool steel, aluminum, cobalt and nickel-based alloys.

It has grown into a global manufacturer of precision machined castings and components for the aerospace, defense, space, automotive, energy technology and other commercial industries.

Main Products & Services: 

  • Aluminum investment casting
  • Stainless Steel Investment Casting
  • Carbon and low alloy steel investment casting
  • Nickel Investment Casting
  • Cobalt Investment Casting
  • Tool Steel Investment Casting


Bescast Investment Casting Manufacturer

Company Profile

Founded in 1945, Bescast is the nation's most advanced precision investment casting company and one of the most advanced metal casting companies in the world. As a leading investment casting company, Bescast is committed to delivering quality products on time.

Their investment casting production control is based on a fully integrated automation system that coordinates and tracks production and evaluates performance. Their account experts focus on proactive communication, providing status updates and meeting your needs.

Whether in power generation, aerospace or other demanding industries, Bescast is committed to thoroughly understanding our customers' needs. With over 75 years of expertise, they are the best investment casting foundry for demanding applications.

Main Products & Services: 

  • Stainless steel investment castings
  • Nickel-based investment castings


Aero Metals investment casting manufacturer

Company Profile

Founded in 1961, Aero Metals Inc. is an investment casting manufacturer headquartered in La Porte, Indiana, USA, founded by James W. Fleming.

Aero Metals is your trusted source for quality precision investment casting services. With decades of experience, they support a range of industries including aerospace, door lock security hardware, firearms, hand tools, marine, and more! To ensure your parts are manufactured to the highest quality, their systems are certified to the globally recognized ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Main Products & Services:

  • Stainless steel investment castings
  • Ductile iron castings
  • Steel investment castings
  • Beryllium copper investment castings
  • Nickel-based metal investment castings
  • Aluminum investment castings
  • Drill-based alloy investment castings
  • Copper-based investment castings



Company Profile

Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc., a leading precision investment casting foundry in Wisconsin, began manufacturing investment castings in 1993. 

Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. can produce precision investment casting products in virtually any air-melt alloy. From simple cast steel components to highly complex aluminum cast components their investment casting facility can meet your material needs, exacting precision for the military, firearms, medical, and aerospace industries.

Main Products & Services: 

  • Stainless Steel Casting
  • Aluminum Casting
  • Carbon Steel Castings
  • Brass Casting
  • Bronze Casting
  • Cobalt Casting
  • Tool Steel Castings
  • Metal Casting
  • Rapid Prototyping

HeadquartersWisconsin, USA



Company Profile

Investacast is a supplier of investment casting steel parts, an excellent precision casting manufacturer. Provide design, prototyping, casting, machining and finishing services to global customers. Has a 20,000 square foot manufacturing plant in the UK. Can provide all kinds of non-ferrous metal processing and assembly. Have professional designers and supply chain managers to improve your buying experience.

Main Products & Services: 

  • Investment Casting Services

HeadquartersNorth Devon, UK



Impro Precision Industries Limited

Company Profile

Impro is a leading global manufacturer of high-precision, high-complexity and mission-critical investment cast and machined components for diverse end markets. They provide custom cast and machined products and surface treatment services to a diverse global customer base. Their global leadership position is driven by our integrated business model and comprehensive ability to provide customers with one-stop solutions.

Many of their customers are recognized global leaders in their industries, including Bosch, Caterpillar, Cummins, Honeywell, HUSCO and Parker-Hannifin.

As the world's top precision parts company, they mainly provide customers with investment casting services, precision machining services, sand mold casting services, and surface treatment services.

Main Products & Services: 

  • Investment casting services
  • Precision machining services
  • Sand mold casting services
  • Surface treatment services



Best Investment Casting Manufacturers on Google

We counted the top 10 investment casting manufacturers on Google in 2024. (This list only includes investment mold manufacturer websites)

  1. MetalTek International
  2. Milwaukee Precision Casting
  3. Barron Industries
  4. Bescast, Inc.
  5. Aero Metals
  6. Texmo Precision Castings
  7. Besser Casting Inc.
  8. American Casting Company
  9. Impro Precision Industries Limited


Who Is the Best Investment Casting Company?

We can’t answer the question of who is the best investment casting company. Although we have been in the precision casting industry for decades. We will try to identify the most important manufacturers in the metal casting industry.

Signicast is a leading investment casting manufacturer located in Wisconsin, USA. They've been around for over sixty years and definitely belong on this list.

Metaltek is a well-known investment casting supplier from the United States, specializing in the production of bushings, bearings, brackets, grate systems, pump casings, impellers, and many other components and tools in the industry.

Precision Castparts is another important player in the investment casting industry. The company specializes in the production of large complex structural investment castings, forged components, airfoil castings, aerospace structures and highly engineered fasteners for aerospace applications.

Besser Casing is the world's leading investment casting company, providing the most affordable, highest quality metal castings. Therefore, it is the most cost-effective investment casting company in Besser.


Factors to Remember When Choosing an Investment Casting Manufacturer

Benefits of Working with an Investment Casting Manufacturer

As you do your due diligence to ensure you choose the right investment casting manufacturer for your business, remember:

Quality trumps everything: The quality of a precision investment casting will determine its success or failure. Therefore, only work with manufacturers who produce or source products of the highest quality.

Pay Attention to Pricing: The success of your business comes down to the difference between purchasing and retailing. Only work with suppliers who can provide you with the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. This way, your business can be profitable.

Ask about minimum order quantities: Different investment casting suppliers have different minimum order quantities (MOQs). Before settling on a specific supplier, ask about the minimum order quantity and all other relevant things, such as when you require a minimum order and turnaround time.


How to Choose a Reliable Investment Casting Manufacturer?


Selecting a reliable investment casting company or supplier is not an easy task. Here are some suggestions for choosing an investment casting company.


The investment casting process is a precision casting process, so you need to know a company with a proven track record in precision investment casting.

Relevant qualifications

Check their credentials for completeness, see their certifications such as ISO 9001, which show their commitment to maintaining quality standards. Also, ask about their inspection and testing procedures to ensure they take rigorous measures to meet your specific requirements.

Whether to provide a full range of customized services

An experienced foundry will have a track record of making unique molds, preferably in-house. If the steel foundry does not provide one-stop mold making and casting services, be sure to ask about casting production costs, lead times and budgets.



The above are the 10 excellent precision investment casting manufacturers we provide around the world. You can get in touch with them through the following contact information. After comparison, we can obtain the most suitable precision investment casting manufacturers to cooperate and strive for greater benefits for you.

If you are interested in China's investment casting manufacturers, then you can read this article to learn about China's outstanding investment casting manufacturers.

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