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Top 10 Investment Casting Manufacturers [Updated July 2023]

Update On Sep 06.2023

Do you need an investment casting manufacturer or supplier to help you customize metal parts to a high standard? To better help you find the right investment casting company, we have listed the top 10 investment casting manufacturers in 2023. If you need investment casting manufactured products or custom metal parts, here are 10 manufacturers you can choose to contact.

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What is Precision Investment Casting?

Precision investment casting refers to an industrial process based on lost wax casting and is one of the oldest known metal forming techniques. Compared with the traditional sand casting process, the castings obtained by precision casting are more accurate in size and have better surface finish.

Its products are precise, complex and close to the final shape of the part. It can be used directly without processing or treatment. It is an advanced process of near-net shape.

For more information, please click (what is investment casting)


Analysis of Investment Casting Market

The global investment casting market size was valued at USD 16.55 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.0% from 2023 to 2030. 

Aerospace & defense dominated the investment casting market with a revenue share of 45.9% in 2022. The large share of the segment is attributable to the ability of the investment casting process to produce complex components along with design flexibility, consistent dimensional accuracy, and high production rates.


Top 10 Investment Casting Manufacturers

Company Name Services Headquarters
Signicast Inc. Investment Casting Services Wisconsin, USA
CIREX Inc. Investment Casting Services Netherlands
Shelmet Precision Casting Co. Inc Investment Casting Services USA
Ningbo Besser Casting Co., Ltd. Investment Casting Services Ningbo, China
Precimetal Cast Pvt. Ltd. Investment Casting Services Gujarat, India
AMT, Inc. Investment Casting Services New York, USA
Texmo Precision Castings Inc. Investment Casting Services Warsaw, IN
Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. Investment Casting Services Wisconsin, USA
Investacast Limited Investment Casting Services UK
Arise Precision Casting Inc. Investment Casting Services Gujarat, India


Company Profile

Signicast is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of precision investment casting,, with offices in North America and Europe. They rely on advanced manufacturing technology to provide an efficient and uninterrupted product flow. With a team of expert engineers and manufacturing experts, their automated production line shortens the delivery time to 7 days.

As one of the well-known investment casting companies and manufacturers, Signicast has a good reputation in the industry for its competitive precision investment casting products and delivery time. They have a full team of expert engineers and manufacturing specialists, always providing each client with a custom solution for optimum performance and low cost casting results.

Main Products & Services: 

  • Investment Casting
  • Prototype Casting
  • Surface Treatment and Plating



Company Profile

CIREX is a manufacturer of high-quality precision steel castings based in the Netherlands based on the "lost wax" process. CIREX provides high-quality complex steel investment castings. CIREX has established a good reputation and recognition among international customers. In addition to being a supplier, it is also a partner of small steel parts for various well-known customers.

If you need to find a great stainless steel investment casting manufacturer then you can contact them. They will provide various solutions for your project.

Main Products & Services: 

  • Steel Investment Casting Services
  • Heat Treatment
  • Surface Treatment
  • Machining Services

Factory AddressAlmelo, Netherlands



Company Profile

Shelmet Precision Casting Co. Inc is an investment casting manufacturer located in the United States, established for designers of metal casting products, pursuing perfect parts. Provide free analysis and advice, have experienced investment casting experts, and more than half a century of casting experience.

As an excellent precision investment casting manufacturer and supplier, they can manufacture high quality casting products that meet the needs of their customers. Includes aerospace, process, mining, turbine engines and process equipment

Main Products & Services: 

  • Stainless Steel Casting
  • Aluminum Base Casting
  • Copper-Based Castings
  • Cobalt Based Casting
  • Nickel-Based Castings
  • Carbon Steel and Low Alloy Steel
  • Precipitation Hardened Steel Castings
  • Tool Steel Investment Castings

Factory AddressWisconsin, USA



Company Profile

Besser is a precision investment casting factory from China. Our company was established in 2002, covers an area of 12,000 square meters, and has about 120 professional and technical personnel. Our investment factory has obtained TS16949 and ISO90001 certification. We not only have a foundry, but also a secondary processing factory. The tolerances of metal castings can be strictly controlled.

Today, Bessel has become a leading casting brand in China's investment casting industry. As a professional investment casting manufacturer and supplier, we can cast various metal castings. Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel, nickel alloy, etc. The industries we serve include construction hardware, aerospace, auto parts, valve casting, farm tools and other industries.

Main Products & Services: 

  • Stainless Steel Investment Casting
  • Carbon Steel Investment Casting
  • Tool Steel Investment Casting
  • Alloy Steel Investment Casting
  • Nickel Casting

Factory Address: 32 North Yihuan Road, Zhangqi Cixi, Ningbo China 315313




Company Profile

Precimetal Cast Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter of precision investment castings from India. The company mainly produces various precision investment castings for the automotive industry. According to the customer's drawings, various types of precision parts are manufactured in accordance with international standards. They have been providing services to many manufacturing business icons in the automotive and other fields.

Being one of the top investment casting companies in India, Precimetal Cast Pvt pays particular attention to the quality and reliability of its products. They are sure to provide the optimum casting solution for any of your critical applications.

Main Products & Services: 

  • Investment Casting For Automotive
  • Investment Casting For Pumps & Valves
  • Investment Casting For General Engineering

Factory AddressMehsa, Gujarat, India



Company Profile

AMT is a leading manufacturer of precision investment castings used in critical applications ranging from aerospace and power generation to medical, industrial and defense markets.

Their utilization of state-of-the-art technology, proven expertise and unique process capabilities make AMT the customer's choice for small, complex castings with tight tolerances and exacting specifications.

The team at AMT Industries manufactures a full range of fume alloys, ensuring their investment casting solutions will meet and exceed your expectations.

Main Products & Services: 

  • Aerospace Castings
  • Medical Supplies Casting
  • Industrial Castings
  • Military Defense Castings

Factory Address: New York, USA



Company Profile

TEXMO PRECISION CASTINGS is a manufacturer of steel and aluminum investment castings. All their castings are produced in modern foundries located in India and USA. They provide metal casting services to clients worldwide and they have foundries in the UK, USA and India.

TEXMO reinvests substantial profits into their processes, employees, machines and facilities. This means they can deliver more complex designs faster, with unrivaled quality and appearance.

Main Products & Services: 

  • Investment Casting

Factory Address: 596 E 200 N, Warsaw Indiana 46582 USA



Company Profile

Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc., a leading precision investment casting foundry in Wisconsin, began manufacturing investment castings in 1993. 

Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. can produce precision investment casting products in virtually any air-melt alloy. From simple cast steel components to highly complex aluminum cast components their investment casting facility can meet your material needs, exacting precision for the military, firearms, medical, and aerospace industries.

Main Products & Services: 

  • Stainless Steel Casting
  • Aluminum Casting
  • Carbon Steel Castings
  • Brass Casting
  • Bronze Casting
  • Cobalt Casting
  • Tool Steel Castings
  • Metal Casting
  • Rapid Prototyping

Factory AddressWisconsin, USA



Company Profile

Investacast is a supplier of investment casting steel parts, an excellent precision casting manufacturer. Provide design, prototyping, casting, machining and finishing services to global customers. Has a 20,000 square foot manufacturing plant in the UK. Can provide all kinds of non-ferrous metal processing and assembly. Have professional designers and supply chain managers to improve your buying experience.

Main Products & Services: 

  • Investment Casting Services

Factory AddressNorth Devon, UK



Company Profile

Arise Precision Casting (APC) is a multifunctional manufacturer capable of producing highly customized products in the field of precision investment casting. Provide high-quality investment casting products to customers around the world. Through the use of tool design, it can achieve complex external and internal shapes, and can dissolve wax core or ceramic core. Provides efficient design and low prices.

As one of the world's leading investment casting manufacturers and suppliers, APC's investment casting services cover stainless steel castings, heat resistant steel castings, carbon steel castings, low alloy steel castings, high temperature alloy castings and more. Of course, they can also manufacture precision investment castings according to the drawings, specifications, material and quantity details and samples provided by customers.

Main Products & Services: 

  • Valve Components
  • Pump Components
  • Automotive Parts
  • General Engg Parts
  • Industrial Fittings
  • Pipe Fittings
  • Hardware Parts
  • Fire Fighting Parts
  • Marine Parts

Factory AddressGujarat, India



Benefits of Working with an Investment Casting Manufacturer

Working with an investment casting manufacturer offers several benefits that can significantly impact the success and quality of your projects. Here are some key advantages:

Design Flexibility:

Investment casting allows for intricate and complex designs, providing greater flexibility compared to other manufacturing processes. It enables the production of intricate geometries, thin walls, and complex internal structures, giving you more design freedom.

Wide Material Selection:

Investment casting supports a wide range of materials, including ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and more. This versatility allows you to choose the most suitable material for your specific application, considering factors like strength, corrosion resistance, and heat resistance.

Tight Tolerances:

Investment casting achieves tight tolerances, ensuring precise and accurate dimensions for your components. This level of precision enhances the performance and functionality of the final product, especially in critical applications.

Cost-Effective for Complex Parts:

Investment casting is a cost-effective solution for manufacturing complex parts. It eliminates the need for extensive machining and fabrication, reducing material waste and lowering overall production costs.

Consistency and Quality Control:

Investment casting processes follow strict quality control measures, ensuring consistent and high-quality parts. Manufacturers employ advanced inspection techniques and rigorous testing to guarantee product integrity, minimizing the risk of defects.

Faster Time-to-Market:

With streamlined production processes and reduced need for post-casting operations, investment casting can help accelerate your time-to-market. Faster turnaround times mean you can launch your products sooner, gaining a competitive edge in the market.


How to Choose a Reliable Precision Investment Casting Company?

Selecting a reliable investment casting company or supplier is not an easy task. Here are some suggestions for choosing an investment casting company.


The investment casting process is a precision casting process, so you need to know a company with a proven track record in precision investment casting.

Relevant qualifications

Check their credentials for completeness, see their certifications such as ISO 9001, which show their commitment to maintaining quality standards. Also, ask about their inspection and testing procedures to ensure they take rigorous measures to meet your specific requirements.

Whether to provide a full range of customized services

An experienced foundry will have a track record of making unique molds, preferably in-house. If the steel foundry does not provide one-stop mold making and casting services, be sure to ask about casting production costs, lead times and budgets.



The above are the 10 excellent precision investment casting manufacturers we provide around the world. You can get in touch with them through the following contact information. After comparison, we can obtain the most suitable precision investment casting manufacturers to cooperate and strive for greater benefits for you.

If you are interested in China's investment casting manufacturers, then you can read this article to learn about China's outstanding investment casting manufacturers.

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