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We are a well-known carbon steel investment casting manufacturer in China, providing professional carbon steel investment casting services to customers worldwide! If you need customized carbon steel castings, please contact us!

Carbon Steel Investment Casting

Besser Casting is China's premier steel foundry with a wide range of capabilities and technologies to perfectly meet customers' customized needs. Whether the client is a small business or a Fortune 500 company. We offer quality carbon steel casting products at an unbeatable value, delivered on time.

Full-Service Casting Capabilities
01  Heat Treatment of Carbon Steel Castings
02  Processing services for carbon steel castings
03  Surface treatment of carbon steel castings
04  Quality inspection of carbon steel castings
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Top Carbon Steel Investment Foundries in the World

Cooperated with More Than 400 Customers

Compliant with EU standards, the preferred supplier for SMEs

Ningbo Bessel Foundry Co., Ltd. is a world-class modern steel casting enterprise with high integrity. We specialize in the production of carbon steel investment castings in a variety of materials. Our investment casting capabilities allow us to achieve tight tolerances on different dimensions, saving you money.

As a leading supplier of carbon steel investment castings, BESSER foundries can produce carbon steel castings in all carbon steel alloys. The grades of carbon steel castings commonly used by our company include AISI 1010, AISI 1020, AISI 1035, AISI 1045, AISI 1060, etc.

Additionally, factors to consider when selecting a grade for a carbon steel casting project include the application as well as machinability, weldability, strength requirements, formability, and corrosion resistance. If you need help selecting the appropriate carbon steel alloy or other material for your investment casting project, please contact us to discuss your requirements.



How are Carbon Steel Investment Castings Made?

How do we grow your business?

Mold Development
We have state-of-the-art spectrometers to ensure the correct Mechanical Properties of metal alloys
Northern Lights
Wax Pattern Making
Extrude medium-temperature wax into the mold with a wax injection machine to make a product wax model.
De-burring the Wax Pattern
Carry out a comprehensive inspection and trimming of the wax model to ensure that it meets the product standard.
Wax Pattern Tree Welding
According to the designed casting system, the wax patterns are welded to the wax rods
Shell Making
Shell Making
Make a shell on the surface of the wax model.
Northern Lights
Baking Shells
Put into the roasting furnace to heat the shell.
The molten steel is poured into the formed shell.
Cutting Down the Products
Cut the finished product with tools and process it


Our Representative Carbon Steel Materials

1018 mild steel(low carbon steel) , strong and ductile, has good weldability properties crimping, bending, swaging, worms, pins, gears, dowels, tool holders, machine parts, pinions, ratchets, etc.
1020 suitable for surface hardening,
high carbon steel, hardened, and welded
hydraulic shafts, motor shafts, pump shafts, machinery parts
1030 high carbon steel, has moderate hardness and strength, machineable, ductile machinery parts, used in the tempered and quenched condition for strength
1035 low carbon steel, suitable for induction hardening and flame used for forged parts, links, gears, couplings, forged shafts and axles
1040 has good strength, wear resistance, high carbon steel forged couplings and crankshafts
1045 low carbon steel, can be forged satisfactorily, most common shafting steel induction hardening applications, medium strength parts, shafts for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders
1050 high carbon steel, readily welded and machined forged shafts and gears
1060 standard grade carbon steel used for forged applications
1065 high carbon steel, has high tensile strength, heat treatable blades and cutlery
1144 low carbon steel, a higher-strength alloy than A36 and 1018, has improved ductility used for parts requiring mechanical properties obtained by heat treating
11L14 high carbon steel, has enhanced machinability, stronger than 1018 used for forged applications
12L14 high carbon steel, has enhanced machinability, stronger than 1018 screw machines, couplings, inserts, bushings, and hydraulic hose fittings


Carbon Steel Investment Castings Services for Your Project


Investment Casting Services

Selecting the correct manufacturing method for your product order is critical. Lost wax investment casting is the right choice when you need high precision, complex parts.

This method proves to be cost-effective as it requires fewer separate processes, saving both time and money during production. Moreover, the resulting parts boast smooth surfaces that replicate the mold's texture precisely, minimizing the occurrence of defects and enhancing overall quality.

Surface Treatment Services

cnc machining service

Machining Services

Our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment allow us to offer our clients comprehensive machining services including milling, turning, boring, grinding, drilling, wire cutting, and more. With ongoing investment, today Besser is equipped with 14 first-class high-precision 4-axial CNC machining centers, CNC gantry milling & boring machine, CNC horizontal & vertical lathes, CNC honing machine, and CNC deep-hole internal grinders as well as many other conventional equipment.


Surface Treatment Services

We offer various types of surface treatments to enhance the performance, wear resistance and service life of the metal components we produce.

● Shot blasting ● Sand blasting
● Vibration grinding ● Electro-galvanizing
● Pickling and passivation ● Electropolishing
● Phosphating treatment ● Blackening treatment
● Brush polishing ● Mirror polishing

Surface Treatment Services


Carbon Steel Investment Casting Products We Have Made for Our Customers

Besser handles each job with an optimal process to achieve the lowest cost, best quality, and highest efficiency.



See How We Guarantee Your Product Quality

Chemical Composition
Chemical Composition
We have state-of-the-art spectrometers to ensure the correct Mechanical Properties of metal alloys
Dimension Tolerance
Dimension Tolerance
Our engineers use instrument (coordinate measuring machine) inspection to help you inspect your parts better.
Mechanical Properties
Mechanical Properties
Castings are subjected to various mechanical tests such as hardness testing, tensile testing, and load testing.
Casting Defects
Casting Defects
Check for all surface problems, including surface defects such as scale, cracks, pores, shrinkage cavities, and air bubbles.


To Provide Our Customers with the Best Carbon Steel Investment Castings Solutions

besser factory

About Besser

World-Class Carbon Steel Casting Foundry

Besser was established in 2002 and has about 200 professional and technical personnel. We have obtained have obtained IATF16949:2016 and ISO90001:2015 certifications. Besser has a machine shop for secondary operations. The tolerances of metal castings can be tightly controlled. Today, Besser has become a leading casting brand in China's investment casting industry.


Start A Cast Carbon Steel Project With Besser Foundry

At Besser, we can help you find the right alloy for your carbon steel investment casting requirements using our on-site spectrometers. We can also fabricate custom stainless steel investment castings to your exact design specifications. For parts from 30 grams to 200 kg or more, we offer tight tolerances and consistent part repeatability.

If you would like to learn more about our carbon steel investment casting services and receive a free quote for your upcoming project, please contact our stainless steel foundry today.


Fortune 500 Companies Choose to Cooperate with Us




FAQ of Carbon Steel Investment Castings


1. What are the characteristics of carbon steel investment castings?

Carbon steel investment castings are characterized by their high carbon content, which provides a high-strength, ductile steel suitable for use under high-pressure conditions. Carbon steel can withstand high stress and is therefore ideal for mechanical and structural applications. It is softer than other steels, has lower tensile strength, and is not suitable for heat treatment. Carbon steel castings are commonly used in automotive and construction applications, including fasteners, bolts, shafts, rods, pins, components, and more.

Low and medium carbon alloy steels contain varying amounts of nickel, chromium or molybdenum to improve their durability and toughness as well as corrosion resistance.

2: What metal products can carbon steel investment casting services produce?

As mentioned earlier, carbon steel investment castings are largely chosen for various applications in several industries. These include automotive, military, oil and gas, mining, and commercial to name a few. Example carbon steel castings are as follows:

  • Cranks
  • Handles
  • Brackets
  • Firearm components
  • Housings
  • Valves
  • Gears
  • Nozzles
  • Bi-Pods
  • Hinges

3: Is the carbon steel investment casting process expensive?

The technique is more complex than other casting processes, requiring extensive preparation and specialized equipment. Therefore, the upfront cost of investment casting can be more expensive than sand casting or die casting. But the unit production cost decreases with the increase of order quantity.

4: What is the process of carbon steel investment casting?

  1. Create wax pattern: A pattern that replicates the finished part geometry is made using one of two primary methods:
  2. Wax Assembly: Next, the wax patterns are assembled onto runners and into a finished tree which is ready to be dipped.
  3. Slurry Coating: The assembly is then dipped into a high-grade ceramic slurry to build a ceramic shell around the wax tree.
  4. Stuccoing: After the slurry coating is done, particles of sand are dropped onto the surface of the wet tree assembly. This helps to thicken and strengthen the layer of coating on the wax assembly surface.
  5. Repeat Steps 5 and 6: Repeat steps 5 and 6 until the assembly achieves the desired shell thickness. The assembly is then allowed to set and dry.
  6. Dewaxing: The wax inside the newly built shell is now removed. Dewaxing is done using a steam-dewaxing autoclave or flash fire furnace.
  7. Casting: Now the desired molten metal is poured into the pre-heated mold cavity.
  8. Cooling: The mold then sits to allow the molten metal to cool and solidify which then becomes the final casting.
  9. Shell Removal: The shell material is then removed through processes hammer knockout, vibration, and steel grit blasting.
  10. Cut Off: The finished parts are then cut free from the gating and runner system.
  11. Finishing: Various finishing techniques are then employed including grinding, sand blasting and coating to achieve the final surface needed.
  12. Testing: Once the finishing operations are done, the parts are inspected for surface and sub-surface defects. Visual and fluorescent penetrant inspection is done for surfaces and X-ray is employed for sub-surface defect identification.

5: How long does it take for carbon steel castings to be produced?

At its core, the investment casting process is simple: create a model, form a mold, and pour the metal. At most traditional precision metal foundries, you then wait anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks or more to get your part.

6: How much do carbon steel castings cost?

Generally speaking, our platform must consider several factors before generating a quotation, including the size of the part, the complexity of the mold, the number of castings, materials, post-processing requirements, etc.

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