Alloy Steel Casting

Besser is one of the largest alloy steel casting manufacturer in China. With our decades of professional alloy steel casting process, We provide you with customized alloy steel casting services to meet your precise design specifications and any required grade.

What is Alloy Steel Casting

Alloy steel is an iron-carbon alloy formed by adding an appropriate amount of one or more alloying elements to ordinary carbon steel. According to the different added elements, and adopt appropriate processing technology, can obtain high strength, high toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low-temperature resistance, high-temperature resistance, non-magnetic and other special properties. Alloy steel is mainly divided into two categories: low alloy steel and high alloy steel. Investment cast alloy steels are usually low alloy steels.

Advantages of Alloy Steel Casting

Different alloys will have different properties. Common improvements include corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and improved heat resistance. For example, molybdenum can increase material strength; nickel increases toughness; chromium can increase temperature strength, hardness and corrosion resistance.

Alloy Steel Material Table

  C Si Mn Cr Mo P≤ S≤ Ni
42CrMo 0.38-0.45 0.17-0.37 0.50-0.80 0.90-1.20 0.15-0.25      
35CrMo 0.32-0.40 0.17-0.37 0.40-0.70 0.80-1.10 0.15-0.25      
40CrNiMo 0.37-0.44 0.17-0.37 0.50-0.80 0.60-0.90 0.15-0.25     1.25-1.65
4130 0.28-0.33 0.15-0.35 0.40-0.60 0.80-1.10 0.15-0.25 0.035 0.04  
4140 0.38-0.43 0.15-0.35 0.75-0.10 0.80-1.10 0.15-0.25 0.035 0.04  
8630 0.28-0.33 0.15-0.35 0.70-0.90 0.40-0.60 0.15-0.25 0.035 0.04 0.40-0.70

Application of Alloy Steel Investment Casting

Alloy steel has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and strength performance is very high. Therefore, it can be used in the fields of engineering machinery and equipment, loading and unloading machinery, mining machinery and equipment, metallurgical machinery and equipment, construction machinery and equipment.

Alloy Steel Casting Products


Our Alloy Steel Investment Casting Capabilities

We have advanced mechanical equipment and professional technical team. Whether you are worried about very small tolerances, or the complex shape of the casting, or the surface details, we are confident that we can help you deal with these problems.

  • We have 18 years of casting experience, and many years of experience allow us to cast complex alloy steel
  • The professional technical team can design the most efficient casting solutions, and can quickly deliver castings.
  • Our investment casting process is certified by AS9100 and ISO 9001, strict quality inspection, and the casting products fully meet the standards.


Custom Alloy Steel Casting Services

As an excellent investment casting manufacturer and supplier in China, Besser has been providing customers with the most professional custom casting services.

Are you looking for a partner that can produce alloy steel investment castings exactly to your specifications? We have professional technology and experience. Customized perfect casting products for you.

Call now and you will be directed to our experienced professionals who are ready to assist you.

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