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Why Choose an Investment Casting Factory in China

Update On Mar 02.2024

Why Choose an Investment Casting Factory in China

Investment casting, also known as a lost wax casting, is one of the oldest metal casting processes and is still in use today. China is a forging powerhouse, both in terms of the total output of investment castings, as well as the total number of practitioners and factories, ranking first in the world. Below we will tell you why you should choose an investment casting factory in China to produce castings.


4 Advantages of Choosing a Chinese Investment Casting Factory

Compared with investment casting factories in other countries, Chinese factories have the following 4 advantages.

Have senior casting ability

In China, you can find large modern production bases, experienced engineers, and skilled workers. They can give you higher quality and more economical castings with their rich casting experience. Chinese workers are skilled and fine in workmanship, which can help you avoid subsequent repeated maintenance. And China has the most complete industrial system, which can provide you with one-stop service. These services include mold production, machining, surface treatment, pickling, testing, etc., reducing your troubles.


Has a strict quality system

With China's accession to the World Trade Organization, Chinese investment casting factories began to achieve more cooperation with foreign customers. These customers include Fortune 500 companies and small and medium-sized enterprises in one country. With these cooperative experiences, investment casting factories in China are all in accordance with international high standards from sample design to raw material procurement, production process, and finished product testing.​​​ 1It is absolutely possible to produce products according to your standards.


Reduce manufacturing cost

The biggest benefit of choosing a Chinese investment casting factory is that it can reduce costs for your business. Labor costs in China are lower, which can help you keep your budget down.


Sufficient material

Investment casting allows the use of a variety of metal alloys. Aluminum, steel, and iron can be used. China has a rich supply chain system that can ensure sufficient materials. Since there are so many choices of materials that can be used, it offers the ability to have a variety of material properties to suit almost any application.


Best Investment Casting Factory in China

As an excellent investment casting factory in China, we have more than 20 years of experience in cooperating with overseas customers. We manufacture products strictly according to international standards and have obtained ISO 9001 and AS9100 certifications.

Whether you need complex cast parts weighing only a few grams or large parts weighing up to 50 pounds, or your needs include high volume, rapid prototyping, or short-term projects, you can rely on Besser Casting's experience, innovation, and dedication to work for you. Contact Besser today to explore available investment casting options.

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