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Best 5 Precision Casting Company in the Germany 2024

Update On Mar 16.2024

German precision metal casting

If you are looking for a German precision metal casting manufacturer, then check out this article. This article will give you the 5 best precision casting manufacturers in Germany. Please read patiently!


1. Bdp Mechanical Components

Bdp Mechanical Components


bdp Mechanical Components was founded in 1982. They are headquartered in Berlin and have another 14 offices in Germany, China, Spain, Bulgaria, Poland, and Switzerland. They are a global supplier in the field of mechanical components manufactured by both traditional technologies (such as casting, forging, stamping, machining, etc.) and the most advanced technologies (such as Sintering, MIM, etc.) with a partner network in 3 continents: Asia, Europe, and North Africa.

Established: 1982

Address: Berlin, Germany


Main Products: Precision Metal Casting


2. PFEIFFER Metalltechnologie GmbH

PFEIFFER Metalltechnologie GmbH


PFEIFFER is a German professional precision metal manufacturer, Professional expertise in material selection, product design, and production processes for medium- and large-scale series production. Specialization in the use of aluminum profile and forging technology.

Furthermore, PFEIFFER guarantees you a high level of vertical integration, short delivery times, and complete service.

Established: 1977

Address: Frittlingen, Germany


Main Products: Precision Metal Casting


3. Karl Kaldenberg GmbH & Co.KG

Karl Kaldenberg


Karl Kaldenberg is today one of the leading sand and permanent mold casting producers with customers from almost all industrial sectors.

They will continue to work hard to develop their expertise to meet market requirements and look to the future. They will continue to modernize their production sites with state-of-the-art technology to further strengthen their position in the industry and contribute to the launch of new developments in sand casting and permanent mould casting in the high-end market.

Established: 1930

Address: Heiligenhaus, Germany


Main Products: Precision Metal Casting


4. ZOLLERN Investment Casting

ZOLLERN Investment Casting


ZOLLERN Investment Casting produces sophisticated investment casting products for industries such as the automotive industry, aviation, energy, mechanical engineering, and medical technology.

The vertical range of manufacture extends from the master melt to ready-to-install investment castings, including mechanical processing, surface finishing, and assembly. ZOLLERN's experienced specialists cast almost any standardized alloy. Even non-standardized special alloys are created according to customer requirements or modified using existing alloys.

Established: 1700

Address: Lautertal,Germany


Main Products: Precision Investment Casting




TITAL is a leading company for titanium and aluminum alloy investment castings, located in Germany. Using the patented HERO Premium Casting® process, TITAL delivers lightweight, high-strength investment castings that can be supplied "ready-for-integration" and enable significant cost savings and many other benefits to the customer.

The main applications are within the following industries: aerospace, defense, electronics, optical, med-tech, Formula One, and mechanical and civil engineering.

Established: 1974

Address: Bestweg,Germany


Main Products: Precision Metal Casting



besser investment casting factory

The above is the basic information of German precision casting manufacturers, you can choose a suitable manufacturer to provide you with services according to the above information. If you need to find a professional and cheap casting company, then it is recommended to choose to contact us.

We are an investment casting manufacturer from China with mature craftsmanship. Can provide you with the most cost-effective solution, if you need our help, please contact us immediately!

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