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Precautions when Working with Chinese Investment Casting Companies

Update On Mar 02.2024

Dos and Don'ts of Cooperation with Chinese Companies

If you are looking for a suitable investment casting company to produce your parts. Then China Investment Casting Company is a choice you cannot ignore. With the rapid development of China, Chinese investment casting companies are becoming more and more popular with overseas customers. Chinese foundries have conquered overseas customers one after another by producing high-quality parts. Not only that, Chinese investment casting promotes cooperation with lower prices and higher quality. If you need to find an investment casting company, then an investment casting company in China will be a good choice!


Dos and Don'ts of Cooperation with Chinese Companies

Here are the things you should be aware of when working with a Chinese investment casting company.

Are you a factory or a trader?

There are many trading companies in China that act as "brokers" or "middlemen" between buyers and factories. This will increase your cost support and risk. You need to be able to correctly judge which are the real investment casting factory.


What is your minimum order quantity?

There are tens of thousands of large and small foundry companies in China, and their strength and scale are different. You want to make sure you have enough capacity to manage minimum order quantities and can afford it. Minimum order quantities may vary by product and company, so it is important to ask in advance. This way you can find a company that matches your needs and can meet your needs.


Are your casting samples free?

Before the official cooperation, you may want to see the production samples. How is the cost of viewing samples calculated?

The answers given by different investment casting companies are different. Most companies may charge a mold fee for samples. Other companies may return the sample fee to you after cooperation to promote cooperation.


How do you price?

The cost of investment casting mainly includes materials, molds, processing, packaging, and transportation. You need to check with the foundry company to find out which ones require additional support. Find out how foundry companies price you, then compare and choose the best one.


How are your payment terms?

Most investment casting companies do not accept PayPal because it is too expensive for them. But in most cases, withdrawal and exchange fees can cost them around 8%. Most factories just have no profit to absorb it. As a new customer, you must pay the full deposit, the deposit you need is relatively high. But it can be negotiated with the investment casting company.


Recommendations for Working with Chinese Investment Casting Companies

  1. Knowing some key polite expressions can really help make a good impression on your potential manufacturer.
  2. Hire an experienced translator to be on your side.
  3. Once you start negotiating, it's not uncommon for your opponent to make the same demands over and over in different ways.
  4. You could spend hours negotiating just for them to call the boss who came into the scene and objected to the agreed terms.
  5. Your negotiation never ends. Issues can arise and renegotiations can take place at any point in the process.
  6. Don't rush, give yourself time to rest before joining the meeting. Concentrating on slow business negotiations isn't easy, especially when you're jet-lagged.
  7. You should budget for future visits in case you don't do everything you planned. Remember, in China, everything takes longer.


Full-Service Investment Casting Company

As a leading investment casting company in China, Besser casting has successfully cooperated with more than 1,000 large and small enterprises. We are able to provide a full range of services to reduce customer waiting time. We support not only various processing services but also various inspection services. Besser can meet your requirements. As a trusted partner with mixed supply capabilities, we can ensure your success and growth.

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