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Top 10 Lost Wax Casting Companies: Latest List for 2024

Update On Jan 23.2024

list of top lost wax casting companies

The lost wax casting process is well suited for the manufacture of complex castings. Do you want to know who is the world-renowned lost wax casting companies?

If you are looking for a reliable lost wax casting company to serve you then this article will help you.

In this article, we have selected for you the 10 best-lost wax casting companies in the world. This is an exclusive list backed by years of research into market demand, annual revenue, customer satisfaction and reputation.

Table of contents of the article

  1. Lost Wax Casting Market Analysis in 2024
  2. What Does a Lost Wax Casting Company Do?
  3. What Services Does a Lost Wax Casting Company Provide?
  4. List of Top 10 Lost Wax Casting Companies
  5. How to Choose the Right Lost Wax Casting Company for Your Project?
  6. Conclusion


Lost Wax Casting Market Analysis in 2024

The global lost wax casting market size was US$ 20,511.6 million in 2021. The global lost wax casting market is forecast to grow to US$ 31,401.1 million by 2030 by growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.5% during the forecast period from 2022 to 2030.


What Does a Lost Wax Casting Company Do?

A lost wax casting company specializes in the intricate process of investment casting, commonly known as lost wax casting. Beginning with consultation and design collaboration, the company creates detailed wax patterns of the desired metal components. These wax patterns are assembled onto a central sprue, coated in a ceramic shell, and subjected to dewaxing, leaving behind a cavity for metal pouring. 

Molten metal is then cast into the molds, cooling and solidifying into the desired shapes. After removing the ceramic shell, the company finishes and inspects the metal components, ensuring they meet the required specifications. This precise and versatile method is employed across various industries to produce complex and detailed metal parts with high accuracy.


What Services Does a Lost Wax Casting Company Provide?

A lost wax casting company provides a range of services related to the lost wax casting process, also known as investment casting. This casting method is commonly used for the production of intricate and detailed metal parts. Here are the key services typically offered by a lost wax casting company:

✔ Pattern Making: The process begins with the creation of a pattern, which is a replica of the final product. This pattern can be made from various materials such as wax, plastic, or metal.

 Mold Creation: The pattern is used to create a mold. This mold is typically made from a refractory material like ceramic. The mold is created by encasing the pattern in the refractory material and allowing it to harden.

 Finishing: The cast metal part may undergo additional processes such as machining, polishing, or coating to achieve the desired final appearance and dimensions.

 Quality Control: Inspection and quality control processes ensure that the finished parts meet the required specifications and standards.

 Material Selection: Lost wax casting can be used with a variety of metals, and the company may provide guidance on the best material for the intended use of the final product.

These services collectively allow lost wax casting companies to produce intricate and precise metal component


List of Top 10 Lost Wax Casting Companies

Here are the top companies that can provide you with lost wax casting services:

Company Name Established Headquarters
Ferralloy Inc. 1984 Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Besser Casting Inc. 2002 Zhejiang, China
Rimer Enterprises, Inc. 1944 Ohio, USA
Waltek Inc. 1970 Minnesota, USA
Bescast, Inc. 1945 Willoughby, Ohio, USA
Precision Castparts Corp 1949 Lake Oswego, OR, USA
R2 Quality Castings Inc. 1908 Wisconsin, USA
American Casting Company 1974 Hollister, California, USA
Kovatch Castings Inc. 1990 Uniontown, OH, USA
Milwaukee Precision Castings, Inc. 1993 Wisconsin, USA


1. Ferralloy Inc.

Ferralloy Inc

Company Profile

Established in 1984, Ferralloy, Inc. is based in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, and operates a manufacturing facility in Wuxi, China.

Ferralloy, Inc. By using the lost wax investment casting process, they can reduce the weight of your part and, in some cases, eliminate costly machining. They are ISO 9001 certified as a professional lost wax casting company. Able to provide you with first-class lost wax casting services.

Year Founded: 1984

Location: Cleveland, Ohio, USA


Main Products

  • Castings
  • Forgings
  • Machining
  • Superalloys


2. Besser Casting Inc.

Besser Casting Inc

Company Profile

Besser Casting Inc is one of the trusted lost wax casting companies in China, offering a wide range of castings. They use cutting edge techniques and techniques and their team is focused on making top quality castings.

Their state-of-the-art lost wax casting process has made them one of the leading lost wax investment casting companies.

Year Founded: 2002

Location: Zhejiang, China

Company Type: Manufacturer


Main Products

  • Lost Wax Investment Casting Services


3. Rimer Enterprises, Inc.

Company Profile

Since 1944, Rimer Enterprises has been serving the industry with a complete lost wax casting capability.

Their management team takes pride in ensuring that everything they do - from customer interaction to casting delivery - receives the utmost attention. As a premier lost wax casting company, they put the expertise of their skilled engineers at your disposal on any project.

Year Founded: 1944

Location: Ohio, USA


Main Products

  • Lost Wax Casting Services


4. Waltek Inc.

Company Profile

Waltek was founded in 1970 by Gene Walter to provide high-quality lost wax investment castings to local Minnesota industrial customers. Since then, they have grown in size and ambition, providing lost wax casting services to clients in North America and around the world. The company remains a private company.

Waltek is a full-service contract manufacturer of quality investment casting parts and assemblies. With a wide range of capabilities and a team of competent, dedicated, and flexible staff, they aim to be the premier source of value-added lost wax castings for the demanding OEM market.

Year Founded: 1970

Location: Minnesota, USA


Main Products

  • Precision Lost Wax Casting Services


5. Bescast, Inc.

Company Profile

Since 1945, design engineers around the world have relied on Bescast for precision castings. They are the high precision lost wax casting manufacturer and company trusted by leaders in the most demanding industries.

As a leading lost wax investment casting company, Bescast is committed to delivering quality metal products on time.

Year Founded: 1945

Location: Willoughby, Ohio, USA


Main Products

  • Lost Wax Investment Casting Services


6. Precision Castparts Corp

Company Profile

They are market leaders in the manufacture of large and complex structural investment castings, wing castings, forged components, aeronautical structures and critical fasteners for highly engineered aerospace applications.

Additionally, they are a leading producer of airfoil castings for the industrial gas turbine market.

Year Founded: 1949

Location: Lake Oswego, OR, USA


Main Products

  • Investment Casting Services
  • Forging service


7. R2 Quality Castings Inc.

R2 Quality Castings Inc

Company Profile

R2 Quality Castings is a precision lost wax casting company specializing in the production of ferrous and non-ferrous precision castings. Quality Castings has over 40 years of experience in lost wax investment casting for industrial, aerospace, automotive, and other applications.

They specialize in near-net shape castings and can easily handle production runs from 1 to 5,000 parts.

Year Founded: 1908

Location: Wisconsin, USA

Company Type: Manufacturer


Main Products

  • Precision Lost Wax Casting Services


8. American Casting Company

American Casting Company

Company Profile

American Casting Company offers quality investment castings with the shortest lead times in the industry. Located in Hollister, CA, they manufacture a variety of superalloys and other high performance materials at their investment casting facility.

Their unique lean manufacturing system is ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified, allowing them to serve medical, aerospace and other critical industry applications.

Year Founded: 1974

Location: Hollister, California, United States

Company Type: Manufacturer


Main Products

  • Lost Wax Casting Services


9. Kovatch Castings Inc.

Kovatch Castings Inc

Company Profile

For over 40 years, Kovatch Castings has reliably provided their customers with industry-leading investment castings.

As a world class lost wax casting company, they strive to be the standard of excellence in the lost wax investment casting industry through exceptional customer service, quality, reliability and engineering expertise.

Year Founded: 1990

Location: Uniontown, OH, USA


Main Products

  • Lost Wax Casting Services


10. Milwaukee Precision Castings, Inc.

Company Profile

The rich history of large manufacturing companies in Milwaukee, Wisconsin allows us to be the perfect solution for casting aerospace, fire arm, and medical parts. Whether you require high or low-volume production, large or small parts; Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. can save you time and money. 

Some of the most prestigious OEM companies have selected Milwaukee Precision as their investment casting manufacturer partner.

Year Founded: 1993

Location: Wisconsin, USA


Main Products

  • Lost Wax Investment Casting


How to Choose the Right Lost Wax Casting Company for Your Project?

There are many different brands and lost wax casting companies around the world to choose from. So, how do you know which company is right for your business? Here are some tips:

Consider your budget

Not all lost wax casting companies are created equal, and some will be more expensive than others. Make sure the company you choose fits your budget.

Consider the quality of the casting

You want to choose a company that provides high-quality metal castings that are durable and durable.

Consider the variety of materials offered

Choose a company that offers a variety of metal materials so you can find the best solution for your project.

Consider lead times

Choose a company with fast lead times so you can get your final product as soon as possible.

When selecting a lost wax casting supplier, consider all of these factors to ensure you choose the right lost wax casting company for your business.

You can also seek referrals from friends or business associates who have worked with the lost wax casting companies in the past. No matter which company you choose, make sure you are satisfied with the quality of their products and the services they provide.



When choosing a professional lost wax casting company for your project, the price has everything to do with product quality. We hope this article helped you choose the right precision lost wax casting company to provide you with reliable service.

Of course, we can also provide you with related services and products. If you need please visit our website. And get in touch with our sales team, they will provide you with related services!

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