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How to Find Reliable investment casting Manufacturers?

Update On Sep 29.2022

How to Find Reliable Investment Casting Manufacturers

Investment casting is one of the oldest known metal-forming techniques. Investment casting is used in the aerospace, power generation, firearms, automotive, military, commercial, food service, gas and oil, and energy industries.

Finding the right investment casting manufacturer can help you produce a casting product that meets your needs. We've compiled a list of what to look for in a reliable investment casting manufacturer.


Where Can You Find Investment Casting Manufacturers?

Investment casting factories are not difficult to find, and a search on the Google search engine can help you find many related businesses. Below are some avenues for finding investment casting manufacturers.


B2B Platform (Alibaba, Made in China)

On the internet you can find various b2b platform websites. You can find thousands of different investment casting manufacturers or factories just by logging in and entering a keyword. Through the platform you can get in touch with them,


  • These sites have numerous manufacturer contact information. This means you can get a wide variety of services.
  • You can interact with numerous manufacturers, which means you can negotiate prices.


  • The biggest disadvantage of finding manufacturers on this b2b platform is that there are no guarantees and you need to be patient to review their profiles.


Investment Casting Manufacturer Website

There are many manufacturers and they have their own websites. You can find these manufacturers' websites on a search engine. Through the information inside, communicate with these manufacturers to discuss cooperation.


  • There are many detailed enterprise introduction information on the website, such as relevant export certification and product quality certification. You can make correct judgments based on this information.
  • You can chat with them online through the website, and they have professionals to answer your questions and provide relevant assistance.


  • Not all investment casting companies operate websites, so you may spend more time deleting websites one by one.


Local Investment Casting Manufacturer or Factory

Finding investment casting manufacturers and factories in your local area is also a good option. You can find out which manufacturers are worth choosing through a field trip.


  • It is possible to understand the real situation of the factory more clearly and to communicate more conveniently.
  • Shorter delivery time without waiting
  • More guarantee after sale, any problem can be solved easily


  • Not many manufacturers to choose from
  • Relatively expensive

besser casting


Important Tips for Choosing an Investment Casting Manufacturer

Determine whether it is a trader or a manufacturer

There are many traders pretending to be manufacturers negotiating business with you, which will increase your purchasing costs and risks. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly distinguish whether he is a manufacturer or not.

Investment Casting Output

Once the purchaser confirms that the potential supplier can produce high-quality castings, the buyer should know the output as well. From the output, you will see if the supplier can supply you with a high volume in the shortest time. If not, go for another supplier. 

Machining Capability

Sometimes, machining needs to be operated after investment casting. In this situation, it is necessary to know if the foundry can do machining as well. Machining in-house can help our customers to save lots of cost and production time. If it is outsourced, it will be hard for the supplier to control the quality, also the cost is relatively high.

After-sale Service

After delivering investment castings, it does not mean the cooperation is completed. A good after-sale service company will be reliable and can become a long-term business partner. Once you find the design is not so ideal, you can also ask the supplier to assist you to do redesign job according to their profession and experience, which will help you to save lots of energy and cost.


China's Leading Investment Casting Manufacturer

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