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How to Choose a Reliable Stainless Steel Investment Casting Supplier

Update On Nov 24.2022

Reliable Stainless Steel Investment Casting Supplier

When your project requires stainless steel investment castings, it is important to choose a reliable stainless steel casting supplier. So what should be paid attention to when choosing an excellent stainless steel investment casting? This article will provide you with the best guidance and advice on choosing a manufacturer.


Recommendations for Choosing a Stainless Steel Investment Casting Supplier

So how to choose a reliable stainless steel casting supplier? There are a few things to note.

1. The Technical Level of Stainless Steel Investment Casting Process

Whether the supplier has a strong technical team and rich experience in the production of stainless steel castings. Then you should know that the stainless steel investment foundry should focus on the silica sol stainless steel investment casting process, not the water glass stainless steel investment casting. Because water glass castings are mainly suitable for investment castings of carbon steel and alloy steel.


2. Are They a Trading Company or a Manufacturer?

In China, although there are stainless steel investment casting manufacturers, there are also some trading companies. Buyers should look into if the stainless steel investment casting company contacted is the manufacturer. The biggest benefit is that the manufacturer can offer you the most competitive price. And once an order is placed, the production status can be checked in time. Also, you can visit them directly to better understand the stainless steel investment casting process. However, if the supplier is a trading company, communication or language is an advantage for your cooperation. But the price will be relatively high.


3. Stainless Steel Investment Casting Output

Once the buyer confirms that the potential supplier can produce high quality castings, the buyer should also know the output. From the output, you will see if the supplier can supply you with a large number of products in the shortest possible time. If not, look for other suppliers.


4. Processing Capacity

Sometimes, stainless steel needs to be machined after investment casting. In this case, it is necessary to know whether the foundry can also carry out machining. In-house machining can help our customers save a lot of cost and production time. If outsourced, it will be difficult for the supplier to control the quality and the cost will be relatively high.


5. The Price of Stainless Steel Castings

Due to the different strengths of each stainless steel supplier, the price of stainless steel castings in the market also varies. You need to observe where your product prices are in different suppliers, so that you can get a list of reliable suppliers.


6. After-sales Service

After the investment casting is delivered, it does not mean that the cooperation is completed. A good after-sales service company will be reliable and can become a long-term business partner. Once you find that the design is not ideal, you can also ask the supplier to assist you in redesigning the work based on their expertise and experience, which will help you save a lot of effort and cost.



besser investment casting factory

It is also not easy for buyers to choose a reliable stainless steel investment casting manufacturer. Most buyers are probably more concerned with pricing, but in most cases, low price always reacts badly to high quality. If you want to find a reliable stainless steel investment caster to reduce your risk, then it is recommended that you choose besser casting.

Besser casting is the right manufacturer for your investment casting needs in water glass casting and silica sol casting. Therefore, we can supply all stainless steel investment castings upon request. The annual output of our factory is about 10,000 tons, which can quickly complete large-scale products in the shortest time. We can ensure that the quality of every stainless steel casting delivered meets your requirements.

Contact us now and we will offer you the best price. Look forward to working with you!


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