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Guide to Buying Stainless Steel Castings from China

Update On Aug 04.2022

Guide to Buying Stainless Steel Castings from China

If your project requires stainless steel castings, then it is recommended to choose and source stainless steel casting products from China. This can greatly contribute to the good results you get from each project.

As you know, the Chinese foundry market is so huge and it is a good place to meet different sourcing needs. But if you are a new buyer who is sourcing these products from a Chinese stainless foundry supplier for the first time, then you should know more about buying step information.


Advantages of Sourcing Stainless Steel Castings from China

Many countries around the world purchase stainless steel castings from China. For example, overseas companies such as the United States, Germany, France, and Canada choose to purchase products from stainless steel foundries in China. By casting stainless steel in China, they can enjoy a great price advantage. Stainless steel casting manufacturers in China are recognized as the best choice for lowering product prices.

Not only that, China has a variety of metal materials that can help you produce the best stainless steel castings. Help your project succeed. Besser Foundry is one of the largest stainless steel investment casting manufacturers in China, supplying and exporting stainless steel castings to global companies.


Advice for Buying Stainless Steel Castings from Chinese Suppliers

1. There are many ways to find stainless steel casting factories in China, and searching for resources on the Internet is the fastest way to get Chinese supplier information from Google. The easiest way to find stainless steel casting manufacturers on Google is to search for "[Stainless Steel Casting]+ Chinese Manufacturers”, Google is a quick way to find Chinese foundry companies, but it also brings some unknown risks and levels of inefficiency. Often millions of results for searching for related information are shown.

2. E-mail is the best way to record information on both supply and demand sides of stainless steel castings. When sending an inquiry for stainless steel castings, please remember that all information related to your part, such as material grade, quantity, finish, etc., is clearly stated in your email or drawing. If your potential supplier doesn't respond, remember to call in case they haven't received your email.

3. When evaluating all offers, it is not wise to choose the stainless steel casting supplier with the lowest offer. As the Chinese proverb goes: "You get what you pay for!" No company will do business at a loss, a certain profit is necessary for the company. You should consider suppliers more in terms of their size, skills, services, etc. In the long run, a reliable supplier can help you produce large quantities of stainless steel castings more cost-effectively and with prompt delivery.

4. After confirming your supplier, please remember to arrange payment according to the invoice as soon as possible, so that the company can arrange the production immediately. Also, it is important to agree on payment terms before placing an order, the most widely used payment terms in global trade are 100% mold cost and 30% production payment with the order, the production balance will be paid after you receive the fax B/L.

5. If you need the processing of stainless steel castings, you should make sure whether the potential supplier has such processing capability. In China, many stainless steel casting suppliers only focus on supplying stainless steel casting blanks, and customers need to solve processing problems by themselves, which will add extra cost and waste time. CFS Foundry is a one-stop shop for all stainless steel castings and post-processing.

6. Inspection is also very vertical work. Before delivery, the Chinese supplier should provide you with a complete inspection report. If it is convenient, it is best to arrange a visit to the stainless steel foundry directly. Even if there are any dimensional errors or other quality issues, suppliers can reproduce or correct errors in a timely manner. This will help reduce your losses effectively.


Find out What Grade of Stainless Steel You Really Need

There are many grades of stainless steel materials on the market for different applications. Before sourcing stainless steel castings from the Chinese market, you should understand which metal materials are required for your project. For example, 304 stainless steel is widely used in the food industry,

First, you should know how to choose the right grade material for your application and project.

Secondly, you should confirm more strip details with China stainless steel casting supplier. Such as standard, thickness, width, hardness range, surface treatment.



Besser is one of the leading stainless steel casting suppliers in China, an expert in manufacturing and exporting precision products with more than 20 years of rich experience. As a stainless steel casting experts, we can provide complete casting solutions.

Feel free to give us a call or email us at for more benefits here.

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