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Do You Need Investment Casting in China?

Update On Nov 22.2023

Do You Need Investment Casting in China?

If you recently want to find a professional investment casting company to produce castings for you, then the investment casting manufacturers in china is your most worthy of your consideration. A previous client from the United States (jack) said this: I did not expect China's manufacturing industry to develop so amazingly. Investment casting technology is so professional. The quality of the casting products fully met my expectations, and even better. Doing business in China will make you a lot happier!

Global Market Situation

The investment casting process (Also known as lost wax casting) is an ancient casting process technology with the main advantages of reducing weight, increasing stability, design freedom and reducing costs. Usually used in the space shuttle, automotive industry, agricultural equipment, etc.

The global production of precision castings increased from 1510 thousand tons in 2012 to 1803 thousand tons in 2016, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 4.53%. In 2016, in terms of quantity, the global investment casting market was led by China, accounting for about 60.67% of the global investment casting production. In terms of revenue, the United States is the second largest market with a share of 32.66%.

China and India are automobile hubs, and a large number of automobile OEMs have shifted production facilities to these countries. Over the past few years, this has affected the demand for aluminum castings in these countries. Aerospace and defense, automobiles, industrial gas turbines (IGT), medical treatment, construction machinery, etc. will drive the markets of Asian developing countries (such as Japan and South Korea). From 2018 to 2026, this is expected to increase the demand for casting in these countries.

Development Trend of China Investment Casting

Now with the vigorous development of China's technology, China's foundry industry has been greatly improved.

With the development of society, China has transformed from manufacturing to creation, and in the process of going to high-end in all walks of life, the requirements for products and parts are becoming higher and higher. Therefore, China's investment casting technology will become higher and higher. It has also become the country of choice for many users.

Benefits of Choosing China Castings

As China joins the World Trade Organization, Chinese foundry companies are in contact and cooperation with more and more customers. Brought them great benefits. Here we list three main factors for choosing China.

1. Lower cost

The biggest advantage of choosing a Chinese investment casting plant is that it can reduce costs and increase its own business profits. This is important because it allows you to beat your peers and better capture the market to win more orders. This is also one of the main reasons why everyone chooses China.

2. Rapid production and delivery

Due to policy reasons, overseas foundries have been greatly restricted in terms of production efficiency and delivery time. However, because of its population advantage, China can control the timing issue very well. It can produce casting products faster and more efficiently and complete delivery. Reduce your waiting time.

3. Complete supply chain system

China is known as the factory in the world, with a complete supply chain system. Whether it is from the acquisition of raw materials, transportation, and after-sales at the time of delivery. Chinese investment casting companies are able to fully control the normal operation of each link.

How to Choose Chinese Precision Casting Company

We are China's precision foundry and exporter. Mainly provide metal casting services. At present, more than 30 countries and regions have carried out business cooperation with our company. If you want to find a suitable Chinese casting supplier, please contact us immediately. We will give detailed solutions and quotations, you are welcome to visit!


"Global Investment Casting Market Insights, Forecast To 2025"

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