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10 Best Alloy Casting Manufacturers in 2023

Update On Aug 03.2023

Alloy casting is a manufacturing process widely used in the industrial field, which can provide high strength, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistant components for different industries. Globally, there are many excellent alloy casting manufacturers, providing customers with high-quality products and excellent services. This article will introduce the top ten alloy casting manufacturers in the world, and bring you a comprehensive perspective of this industry.




Established time: 2002

Headquarters: Cixi, Ningbo, China

Main products: alloy steel castings, generator alloy castings, alloy steel plate castings

Company Profile: BESSER is a professional alloy casting manufacturer, committed to providing customers with high-quality metal parts and workpiece solutions. Over the years, they have accumulated rich experience and technology in the field of alloy casting, becoming a leader in the industry. BESSER provides flexible customization services, which can be customized according to the needs of customers, from material selection to process design, can meet the specific requirements of customers. No matter the size of the customer's project is small batch or large-scale production, they can provide customers with fast and reliable solutions to ensure on-time delivery.

2.United Technologies Corporation

Established: 1934

Headquarters: Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Main products: aerospace engine alloy castings, aerospace parts alloy castings, train brake system alloy castings

Company Profile: United Technologies Corporation is a leading global diversified company founded in 1934. The company is headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut, USA. As a well-known alloy casting manufacturer, United Technologies Corporation focuses on the R&D and production of aerospace engine alloy castings, aerospace parts alloy castings and train brake system alloy castings. The company's high-quality alloy castings are widely used in the aerospace, rail and transportation industries and are recognized worldwide.

3. Siemens AG

Established: 1847

Headquarters: Munich, Germany

Main products: steam turbine alloy castings, generator alloy castings, transformer alloy castings

Company Profile: Siemens AG is a world-renowned technology company founded in 1847, headquartered in Munich, Germany. As an important alloy casting manufacturer, Siemens is committed to the design and production of steam turbine alloy castings, generator alloy castings and transformer alloy castings. The company's alloy casting products are widely used in the energy sector, providing critical energy equipment for power plants and industrial applications.

4. Sandvik AB

Established: 1862

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

Main products: alloy steel castings, stainless steel alloy castings, hard alloy castings

Company profile: Sandvik AB is a global materials engineering and advanced manufacturing technology company founded in 1862, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. As a manufacturer of alloy castings, the company focuses on the R&D and production of alloy steel alloy castings, stainless steel alloy castings and hard alloy alloy castings. Its alloy castings are widely used in many fields, such as mining, construction and automobile industry, among other industrial fields.

5. Nippon Steel Corporation

Established: 1970

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

Main products: alloy steel plate castings, alloy steel pipe castings

Company Profile: Nippon Steel Corporation was established in 1970 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. As one of the largest steel manufacturers in the world, Shine Steel also has extensive experience in the alloy casting manufacturing business. The company mainly produces alloy steel plate alloy castings and alloy steel pipe alloy castings, which play an important role in both basic materials and high-end application fields.

6. Arconic Inc.

Established time: 2016

Headquarters: New York, USA

Main products: aerospace alloy castings, auto parts alloy castings, construction alloy castings

Company profile: Arconic Inc. was spun off from Alcoa in 2016 and is headquartered in New York, USA. As a company focused on advanced engineered materials and solutions, Alcor is highly regarded in the manufacture of alloy castings for the aerospace and automotive industries. Its main products include alloy castings for aerospace components, alloy castings for automotive components, and alloy castings for construction products.

7. Safran Aircraft Engines

Established: 1945

Headquarters: Paris, France

Main products: aero-engine alloy castings, turbine alloy castings

Company profile: Safran Aircraft Engines is a part of Safran Group, founded in 1945 and headquartered in Paris, France. As the world's leading manufacturer of aero-engines, SNIECMA plays a key role in the production of aero-engine alloy castings and turbine alloy castings. The company's alloy casting technology provides reliable solutions for the global aerospace industry.

8. DNV Group

Established: 1864

Headquarters: Oslo, Norway

Main products: wind energy technology alloy castings, marine engineering alloy castings

Company Profile: DNV Group was founded in 1864 and is headquartered in Oslo, Norway. As a professional certification and technical service provider, DNV is in an international leading position in the alloy casting manufacturing business in the fields of offshore engineering and wind energy technology. The company's alloy casting products are widely used in marine engineering projects and sustainable energy fields.

9. AK Steel Holding Corporation

Established: 1899

Headquarters: Ohio, USA

Main products: stainless steel alloy castings, electrical steel alloy castings

Company Profile: AK Steel Holding Corporation was established in 1899 and is headquartered in Ohio, USA. As a company mainly producing stainless steel and special steel, Baosteel has extensive experience in the production of stainless steel alloy castings and electrical steel alloy castings. Its alloy casting products are widely used in the stainless steel industry.

10. Fischerwerke GmbH & Co. KG

Established: 1948

Headquarters: Wolfsburg, Germany

Main products: bolt alloy castings, nut alloy castings, screw alloy castings

Company Profile: Fischerwerke GmbH & Co. KG was established in 1948 and is headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany. As a manufacturer focusing on connection technology, Fisher's alloy casting products include bolt alloy castings, nut alloy castings and screw alloy castings, which play an important role in the industrial field.


Across the globe, many alloy casting manufacturers strive to provide their customers with superior products and services. As one of them, Besser has won wide acclaim for its high-quality casting products and professional team. If you are looking for a reliable alloy casting partner, we wholeheartedly recommend Besser. You are welcome to contact us, we will wholeheartedly provide you with the best alloy casting solutions.

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