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All You Need to Know about Precision Casting Companies in China

Update On Mar 02.2024

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Products made in China are very well known all over the world, but not all “Made in China” can be called “Made in China”. In terms of China's precision casting industry, not all casting companies can be regarded as casting companies. There are actually many points that we need to pay attention to. Today, we will briefly discuss and summarize the information you need to know about the Chinese precision casting company.


First, you need to know what casting process you are looking for. Taking Besser Casting as an example, it is an investment casting foundry that uses a medium-temperature wax silica sol casting process. Generally speaking, a foundry will only do one or two processes. If they can involve three to five different casting processes, it is highly likely that this is a trader rather than a foundry. This also happens to be a point that we need to understand: whether the casting company really exists, or whether it is a trader or a foundry.

In terms of casting companies, if there is a foundry to back it, its response speed and coordination extent will be much higher than that of a simple trader. Of course, we do not rule out that a very small number of traders have strong supplier resources and can provide high-quality services, but at present in China,the vast majority of traders are still under the guise of foundries, lack the necessary team support, and rely on foundries. To a large extent, it affects work efficiency.


Second, you need to know whether there is a strong technical team and quality team in this company. The design and production of products requires technical and quality teams to control them. A casting company with a strong technical team and quality team can help you complete the design and manufacture of a product better and faster. You can learn from their mailbox suffix that if the company ends with,,, etc., it means that this company team is not large enough to let the foundry use the company mailbox.

The most straightforward way to understand the technical strength of the foundry is by asking it directly for the drawing review results and the simulation casting results. Generally, a foundry with strong technical strength will review the drawing requirements before development, and will tell you what can be done and what can’t be done, and will ask you for the key dimensions, special characteristics, and assembly-related dimensions. The company that are not professional will directly quote you and start the next step of cooperation.

In addition, it is very important to ask the casting company about the results of the simulation casting. Generally, the cost of the simulation casting software is about 500,000 RMB. If a foundry can provide simulation casting results, at least it means that the foundry has financial strength and a technical team that it can do early planning for your products, which ensures that the requirements can be met efficiently in the later results.


At the same time, you need to know the financial condition of the foundry. Foundry companies with reliable financial condition can guarantee long-term and continuous cooperation in the future and reduce unnecessary losses. In recent years, more and more foundries have closed down due to external factors such as environmental protection, taxation, and trade wars. If the foundry is closed, your mold and other properties stored in the foundry will be at risk. When you need to make a new batch of orders, you need to find new suppliers and ensure that the molds in the old foundry as intact as before, and the new foundry can seamlessly use this pair of molds. In general, molds of the same process can be used in different foundries, but it is not ruled out that because of the different shrinkage rates between foundries,the final size of the finished product made by the same mold can be different.

Furthermore, you need to know the quality management system of the foundry. Here you not only need to pay attention to the authority of the third party of qualification certification, but also the year of obtaining the qualification certificate, which can also indirectly reflect the supplier's management capabilities. Because there is still a certain gap in management ability between companies which achieve the first and tenth years of 16949 certification.


Of course, you also need to observe whether the products on the production line of the foundry are complex in structure, or whether there are a large number of molds in the mold warehouse. These are the accumulation of experience and knowledge for a foundry.

Another point that cannot be ignored is that when you get to know about the casting company, you must also pay attention to the team of their company. Instead of deciding which foundry to choose in the end, it is better to say which team is ultimately chosen. Although the product is produced by a machine, it is ultimately inseparable from the technology and communication of the personnel and the ideology of the team. The key to long-term cooperation is the team.

At last

The above are important points of what we need to know about precision casting companies in China, from the perspective of our customers as an excellent precision casting company. However, in general, these points are based on the early understanding stage, and may also be incomplete. The specific in-depth understanding and selection of the precision casting companies still requires the implementation and development of specific projects. Hope this information can help you!


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