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8 Questions You Need to Ask About Precision Casting Suppliers

Update On Sep 30.2022

8 Questions You Need to Ask

When you find a reliable precision casting supplier, you need to communicate with him to understand some situations. So what questions should we ask when we face suppliers? This article will tell you the questions you need to ask your investment casting supplier. Please read patiently!


Question 1: Do You Have Ready Stock or Only Do Custom Order?

Most of the precision casting suppliers are mainly customized according to the customer's design or the samples provided, and a few existing models can be directly ordered for production.


Question 2: What Kind of Materials Can You Do?

Usually, a precision casting supplier can supply you with any material. Stainless steel, iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, brass, and other materials are required by customers. But not all suppliers can provide all of them, so it is necessary to know what materials they can provide before cooperation.


Question 3: What is the Delivery Time for New Mold and Its Sample?

Supplier lead time depends on casting and finishing requirements, but usually 7-15 days for molds and samples, which is the lead time for most suppliers. If you need an expedited order, please negotiate with them!


Question 4: Do You Provide Samples ? is It Free or Extra?

All precision casting suppliers will provide free samples, but some samples require you to pay for the shipping, of course, if you cooperate with them, they will ship it for you for free.


Question 5: What Areas of Castings Can You Produce?

Not all suppliers have the ability to provide technical support for your industry, they need relevant qualifications. So you need to find out if they are qualified to produce castings for you.


Question 6: How Do You Guarantee the Quality of Your Products?

You need to ask about this in detail, you need to be clear about their quality inspection process, their commitments, and after-sales processing. This ensures that the precision castings you receive are qualified.


Question 7: What is Your Payment Method?

The common payment method is 30% deposit and 70% balance paid before shipment. Some suppliers also require you to pay a 50% deposit and the remaining 50% to be paid before shipment. This you need to ask carefully to avoid disputes when paying.


Question 8: What is Your MOQ?

Different suppliers accept different minimum order quantities due to different sizes. If you do not ask this clearly, it is possible that your order is too small and they are not willing to accept your cooperation.



That's all you need to ask when working with a precision casting supplier. Hope this helps you. If you are still looking for a precision casting supplier, then you can try to contact us. We are a professional precision casting company that can provide you with high-quality casting services. Contact us now for the latest offer!

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