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Investment Casting

What is Investment Casting?

Investment casting, also known as lost wax casting, is an ancient metal casting technology. It has a history of more than 6,000 years. Investment casting usually refers to the use of fusible materials (wax materials and plastics, etc.) to make an accurate fusible model, coated with several layers of refractory paint on the model, dried and hardened into an integral shell, and then heated to lose the shell The model is then roasted at high temperature to become a refractory shell. The liquid metal is poured into the shell and cooled to form a casting. Therefore, this film casting technology can also be called "lost wax casting"

Our Investment Casting Process


Casting Simulation

Finding the best manufacturing method by applying simulation software, to avoid time cost of repeated sample developing and to increase products quality effeciently



Tooling Making

To make toolings according to different material and tolerance



Sample Developing

Further correct the process and tolerance assessment through sample test and confirm acceptance requirements with the clients



Production Schedule

Arrange orders by ERP software and proactively inform clients exact time piont for each process completion



Wax Injection

Make and inspect products' wax patterns 




Weld the wax patterns with wax rod as SOP(standard operation procedure)



Shell Making

Make shells for products as per their specific structure, volume and weight




Melt the wax patterns from shells




Test the alloys with spectrum analyzer and then pour qualified metal into shells 



Shell-removing, Cutting and Grinding

Remove the shells with shaking machine, cut the parts from rods , and grind the cutting surface



Surface Treatment

Shot blasting, sand blasting, heatl treatment, reshaping and so on



Value-added Services

CNC machining, surface treatment (polishing, electroplating, and paint spraying), assembly and package



About the Characteristics of Investment Casting

Advantages of investment casting

Can cast various complex metal products

High accuracy and smooth surface

Can be used to cast metals of various materials

Compared with other casting processes, more efficient



The main disadvantage is the overall cost, especially for short-run productions. Some of the reasons for the high cost include specialized equipment, costly refractories, and binders, many operations to make a mold, a lot of labor is needed and occasional minute defects occur. However, the cost is still less than producing the same part by machining from bar stock; for example, gun manufacturing has moved to investment casting to lower costs of producing pistols.


· It can be difficult to cast objects requiring cores.

· This process is expensive, is usually limited to small casting, and presents some difficulties where cores are involved.

· Holes cannot be smaller than 1/16 in. (1.6 mm) and should be no deeper than about 1.5 times the diameter.

· Investment castings require longer production cycles compared to other casting processes.

Choose a Cast Metal Material


Stainless Steel Casting Carbon Steel Casting Alloy Steel Castings Tool Steel Casting Nickel Casting



We are an excellent investment casting factory, focusing on lost wax casting process and precision processing services. Can help you manufacture the metal casting products you need. For more information on metal castings, please contact us.

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