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Custom Exhaust Flanges

Custom Exhaust Flanges
Custom Exhaust Flanges



Do you need to customize Exhaust Flanges?

Using our professional lost wax process technology, we can produce high-quality Exhaust Flanges valves for you. All Exhaust Flanges valve products are professionally tested and have reliable quality. Currently providing products for more than 40 countries around the world. If you need this, please contact us!

Quick Details
Birthplace: Ningbo, China
Brand: OEM
model: OEM
product name: OEM products
Surface treatment: Pickling passivation
deal with: Casting + machining (if required) + surface treatment
service: OEM ODM
Certification: IATF16949:2016 & ISO9001:2015
standard: GB/T9001-2008 & VDG-P695
delivery time: 45 days
filler: Custom export packaging
Quality Control: Process control, professional inspection
Casting tolerance: GB/T 6414-CT6 & GB/T 1184-L
Supply capacity: 4000T/year

Product Manual

1. Material: stainless steel, carbon steel, steel
2. Surface treatment: sandblasting, sandblasting, polishing, vibration grinding, electroplating, heat treatment, etc.
3. Scope of application: metal parts, mechanical parts, electric power parts, construction parts, auto parts, valve parts, industrial parts, agricultural machinery, etc.
4. CNC and MC machining: three coordinate measuring machine for testing

what Can We Do?

We are a company specializing in investment casting and a well-known casting brand in China. We provide various solution casting solutions to help you produce castings that meet the needs of your project and deliver them to you quickly. We can provide customized materials, stainless steel, carbon steel, tool steel, alloy steel, nickel alloy. The industries that have been done are: auto parts, aviation parts, construction hardware, bathroom supplies, pumps and valves, agricultural equipment, etc.

About Quality

In order to ensure the quality of the order, our independent quality control members must carry out strict inspections at each stage:

(1) Raw material inspection

(2) Each process inspection

(3) Finished product inspection

(4) Random warehouse inspection

All our businesses are fully compliant with IATF16949:2016 &iso9001:2015

We have automatic casting line, CNC machining, CMM inspection, spectrometer and MT test equipment, X-ray.


1. How to get a quote?

Please send us quotation information: drawings, materials, weight, quantity and requirements.

2. If we do not have drawings, can you help me make drawings?

Yes, we can make your sample drawings and copy the samples.

3. When can I get samples?

Sample: 25-30 days after starting to make the mold. The exact time depends on your product.

4. What time is your main order?

Order time: 35-40 days after payment. The exact time depends on your product.

5. Your payment method

100% prepaid mold fee, if the sample development fails, a full refund

30%-50% of the goods are paid in advance, and the remaining payment will be delivered.

6. Which file format can you read?


If you have needs, please contact us immediately to get the latest quotation and customized solutions

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